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What Are Stem Cell Injections and How Do They Work?

Stem cell injections are a cutting-edge medical procedure that uses the body’s own healthy stem cells to regenerate and repair diseased spinal tissue. Microsurgical Spine Center was the first to perform this procedure for back pain in the state of Washington. You may have heard of the controversy of embryonic stem cell treatment, but at MSC, we use adult stem cells from your own body.

Though it may sound intimidating, the entire procedure can be performed in an office setting in under an hour. First, bone marrow is taken from a patient’s hip or other part of their body. Then, the bone marrow is centrifuged which separates out the stem cells from other components in the marrow. Finally, Ultrasound is used to accurately inject the stem cells directly into the affected disc or joint.

Stem cell injections are usually part of a larger treatment plan that includes physical therapy and an anti-inflammatory diet. However, if conservative methods aren’t yielding positive results, stem cell injection may be for you. They can treat degenerative joint and disc disease, rotator cuff injuries, sacroiliac join paint and more.

The best way to determine if you qualify for the procedure is to come in for a consultation. Injections are recommended if you have middle-range degeneration. If you have cancer, are on anti-coagulant medication or if your spinal degeneration has progressed too far, you are not an eligible candidate.

After the quick, in-office procedure, you will be able to leave immediately and resume daily activities. And, it’s pain-free! Any soreness you may feel will be similar to a typical shot. Results are typically noticed four to six weeks after injection.

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