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What to Expect with Trigger Point Injections

When patients experience pain in their muscles, a possible cause for this could be knots in a muscle that form when the muscle cannot relax. These knots are known as trigger points. These trigger points are known to irritate surrounding nerves which results in the pain that patients experience. What Are Trigger Point Injections? Trigger […]


Glute Weakness and Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain (LBP) has recently been reported as the greatest cause of disability worldwide. Additionally, 5-15% of all American adults will develop chronic lower back pain (CLBP) in their lifetime. Recent studies have shown that individuals suffering from CLBP are increasingly likely to have limited lumbar (lower spine) mobility, as well as decreased effectiveness […]


Coping with Chronic Pain

For those suffering from chronic pain, it can be an affliction that touches every part of their daily lives. Chronic pain is characterized by long-lasting, dull pain, often with a burning sensation. Sufferers may have difficulty sleeping, carrying out household tasks, or any activities of daily living. Most importantly, chronic pain can wear on the […]


Sleeping with Back Pain

For individuals suffering from chronic back pain, its consequences can pervade every aspect of their lives. Sleeping is no exception, as many deal with issues such as discomfort and poor sleep quality. In fact, 59% of these individuals report regular sleep disturbance. Lack of sleep alone comes with its own set of consequences. The average […]


Back Pain and Your Diet

Seeing as back pain is a physical affliction, it is not surprising that individuals often think of physical treatment as the first response. However, for the multitude of people who want to take recovery into their own hands, their efforts often miss the most fundamental basis of health and body performance – nutrition. Both your […]


Back Pain in the Workplace

When it comes to workers comp and lost workdays, back pain is the number one culprit. Over one quarter of surveyed US adults reported suffering from back pain within the last month. Perhaps the technology which allows our lives to be increasingly sedentary is to blame. 7 out of 10 full time employees in the […]


4 Ways to Improve Back Pain Now

With the number of people who suffer from severe back pain making up 50-85% of the population, most individuals will probably experience it at some point in their lives. An episode could last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months, and once you have a bout of severe back pain, you are more […]


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