Spine Tumors

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What is a Spinal Tumor?

A spinal tumor is a mass in or surrounding the spinal cord. Spinal tumors can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous).

Causes and Types of Spinal Tumors

There are a few causes for spinal tumors.

  • A tumor may occur due to leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma.
  • A small amount of tumors, spinal cord tumors, can occur in the nerves of the spinal cord itself.
  • A spinal cord tumor can form inside the spinal cord, in the membranes covering the spinal cord, between the meninges and bones of the spine, or extend from other locations.
  • Tumors that start in spinal cord are called primary tumors. The cause of primary spinal tumors is unknown.
  • Tumors that spread to the spine from another place in the body, known as metastasis, are called secondary spinal tumors.

Symptoms of Spinal Tumors

Symptoms generally develop slowly over time and worsen, unless treated. Symptoms include weakness or numbness in hands, arms and/or legs, worsening back pain, muscle weakness or spasms, incontinence, unplanned weight loss, sensory changes and motor problems.

Treatment for Spinal Tumors

The treatment for a spinal tumor depends on the type and extent of the tumor. It is important to have expert care because tumors can take many different forms and spinal cord tumor removal can be a complicated procedure. Microsurgical Spine Center’s board-certified spine surgeons are skilled in spinal surgery and specific procedures to remove a spine tumor.

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