Microsurgical Spine Center is pleased to now offer two-level disc replacement surgery. In fact, our own Dr. Richard Wohns recently performed the first-ever two-level artificial disc replacement in the Northwest. The surgery was done with the Mobi-C® Cervical Disc Prosthesis.

The goal of the procedure was to replace two cervical discs, which were diseased due todegenerative disc disease. This condition causes neck and back pain, and numbness and weakness in the arms. The two-level disc replacement was done to alleviate these symptoms. The groundbreaking procedure replaced two cervical discs at once.

The Mobi-C Cervical Disc Prosthesis, or artificial disc replacement, is Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved. It is the only FDA-approved disc replacement for two levels, rather than just one. It consists of two metal endplates and a plastic insert. The device is inserted between two adjacent neck bones (cervical vertebrae) to replace diseased cervical discs, in order to stabilize the spine. The two-level disc replacement is done in place of a fusion procedure. The end goal of the surgery is pain relief and improved function for the patient.

Microsurgical Spine Center is proud to offer this innovative procedure.  Artificial disc surgery is a newer surgical option that replaces the need for spinal fusion in some patients. The procedure substitutes a disc in the back with an artificial replica, with the goal being to reduce a patient’s back pain and remove the risk of other spinal issues down the road.

Artificial disc replacement prevents degeneration of adjacent discs. It also enables patients with degenerative spine conditions to get back to normal activities faster than those with spinal fusion surgery. Other benefits of artificial disc replacement surgery include it being a minimally invasive procedure, and no need for a back brace.

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