Arthritis can affect any joint in the body, including the back. One factor that causes back pain is arthritis, and it is most common in older adults. There is a major correlation between arthritis and back pain.

Arthritis tends to happen over time due to wear and tear of joints – this is called osteoarthritis. Another type of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, does not usually cause back pain and more often affects younger people.

Most people experience lower back pain from arthritis. Arthritic back pain can also lead to more serious conditions such as spinal stenosis. With aging, the spinal canal (the area that encases the spinal cord in your back) narrows, which leads to pain or numbness in back and legs. Spinal stenosis can adversely affect quality of life, but there are treatments available.

The main risk factors for getting osteoarthritis are aging, being overweight and prior injuries. A physician will usually recommend that a patient with osteoarthritis work to lose weight and be more active. You may think that rest is the way to relieve back pain from arthritis, but it’s better to stay active and keep moving. Unfortunately nothing can be done about aging – living a healthy lifestyle can help though.

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