As we age, our body goes through a natural aging process. This includes even the discs in our back. And that can cause lower back or neck pain.

According to the National Institute of Health, lower back pain is a prevalent cause of back pain, accounting for 39% of cases. Research estimates that over 80% of the American population will suffer from lower back pain at some point.

Known as discogenic back pain, or discogenic lower back pain, it is a change in the discs over time. Discs lose their hydration and become more likely to crack or have fissures called annular tears. These tears cause inflammation and pain. Essentially, discogenic back pain is a condition where the normal aging process of discs in the spine causes chronic back pain.

The main symptom of discogenic lower back pain is self-explanatory. However, another symptom of discogenic lower back pain is sciatica, a shooting pain from the lower back into the legs.

Discogenic lower back pain is treatable. The initial treatment for discogenic back pain is conservative with anti-inflammatory medication, light exercise or physical therapy. If these treatments are ineffective after a few months, surgery may be a viable option. The most common surgeries to treat discogenic back pain are lumbar fusion or disc replacement. Of course, everything depends on your individual condition.

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