Are you sick of sitting all day in the office? There may be a solution for that. Standing desks are gaining in popularity, and they can even help your back pain.

We already know that sitting all day and leading a sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to overall health. Sitting for a long period of time also puts pressure on your lower back. Picture your spine: it is a column, with vertebrae stacked on top of one another. So when you sit in your chair for a long period of time, the lower back vertebrae carry the brunt, and the pressure can start to hurt. Add to that the bad posture and slumped over positioning that many of us have in front of a computer – and it equates to back pain.

Standing desks are becoming more and more common in offices around the world. There are standing desks, treadmill desks and desks that move from sitting to standing. In fact, there is even a tutorial floating around on the Internet on how to construct your own standing desk with cheap furniture. The options are endless, but the benefits speak for themselves. Standing burns more calories, as does walking, of course, in the case of a treadmill desk. Standing keeps your spine in alignment and lessens back pain.

Many people are still skeptical of standing desks though. Some people say there is not enough evidence about the effectiveness of standing desks, and others complain about foot and leg pain from standing for a prolonged period. Perhaps the best solution for many would be to alternate between sitting and standing.

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