Is your back aching? There’s a good chance you’ve developed at least one of these back-straining habits:

  • Watching too much TV. Most of us tend to relax while watching TV, and more often than not, that can mean slumping, which can place a strain on your back muscles. Surfing the ‘net for hours on end is no better.
  • Limit TV time and do some stretches during commercials.
  • You don’t exercise. Walking and gentle stretching can do wonders for preventing back pain and helping relieve certain types of pain once it begins. Yoga is another good choice for gently stretching and soothing cranky, cramped muscles.
  • You have an old mattress. Sleep us when your body kicks into healing mode, but if your mattress isn’t supportive, your back could be more sore when you wake than when you go to bed. Replace your mattress at least every 10 years – ideally, every five to seven years.
  • You live for high heels. High heels shift your weight forward, causing you to arch your back and strain lower back muscles. Restrict heels to occasional nights out, and if you must wear them to work, at least wear flats for the commuting time.
  • You’re too stressed out. Stress causes muscles to clench, and if you don’t find relief, all that clenching causes soreness and stiffness. Try meditation, yoga or simply taking a walk each day to relieve stress.
  • You ignore your discomfort. Perhaps out of all these habits, this one is potentially the most dangerous for your long-term back and spine health. Back pain can be caused by many different factors, and the best way to make sure you’re addressing it properly and not simply making the underlying problem worse is to see a doctor.

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