Hunching over to reach the steering wheel, leaning over a desk, sleeping propped up on two pillows, peering down at your Smartphone – it’s no wonder you are experiencing neck pain.

Occasional mild neck pain is a common ailment. According to a National Centers for Health Statistics (NCHS) survey, the third most common type of pain in the United States is neck pain. But when neck pain continues, it can be something more serious.

Many neck injuries are just sprains or strains. These can happen from twisting around, sleeping in a bad position, or other minor things that happen during daily life. More severe neck injuries can occur due to trauma such as a car accident, falling, a sports injury, or a violent act. Neck pain can also be caused from a back injury like a herniated disc, a fractured spine or dislocated spine. Arthritis in the spine can also cause neck pain.

If you experience shooting pain that goes down into your arms or into hands and fingers, it is a pinched nerve. Nerves extend down from the brain and spinal cord. A pinched nerve, or nerve root compression, is when pressure is applied to the nerve by surrounding bone, cartilage or tendons. This pressure disrupts the nerve’s function and pain is sent down through the nerve. Numbness, tingling and weakness are also symptoms of a pinched nerve.

A compressed nerve can be treated, and it is important to seek treatment right away. Rest, injections or other conservative treatments may help, and if the problem continues there is the option of surgery.

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