Spinal stenosis is a condition that occurs when the spinal canal narrows and becomes compressed. This narrowing puts pressure on nerves and the spinal cord, and causes pain in the neck, back, legs, shoulders or arms.

Spinal stenosis usually occurs in people over age 50. The most common cause of spinal stenosis is arthritis. It happens because discs can start to bulge, while bones and ligaments in the spine grow larger due to arthritis or inflammation. This combination leads to spinal stenosis and back pain. Younger people with a spinal injury or a narrow spinal canal could also develop this condition.

The main causes of spinal stenosis are:

  • Arthritis of the spine
  • Scoliosis
  • Bone disease
  • Birth defects
  • Slipped or herniated disc
  • Injury

Symptoms of spinal stenosis include:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Numbness, cramping and pain in back, buttocks, legs or neck, shoulders and arms
  • Pain can shoot down the leg
  • Inability to walk for long periods of time

Spinal stenosis treatments initially include physical therapy or massage. If these treatments do not work, spinal stenosis surgery is an option. Surgery for spinal stenosis is usually some type of decompression, which can be performed by the skilled physicians at Microsurgical Spine Center.

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