Becker’s Spine Review, the leading source of industry news and information, asked 51 spine surgeons for their number one piece of advice to become an industry leader. The piece, “51 Spine Surgeons on Top Leadership Strategies,” featured Dr. Richard Wohns, JD, MBA, the founder and president of NeoSpine and Microsurgical Spine Center.

Dr. Wohns’ advice was as follows:

“The key to being a spine surgeon leader today involves multiple synergistic factors. The foundation of being a leader is empowering those with whom you work with scientific and clinical knowledge, technical skills, passion, ability to work as a team and dedication to excellence. In other words, you can’t be a leader without a first-class spine team.

The next characteristic that is important in being a leader is your personal skill-set in the operating room, the clinic exam room, the lecture hall, the boardroom and at the table with media, government agencies and insurance companies. Leaders must be multi-dimensional and fully understand then be able to implement all of the intricacies of providing state-of-the-art spine care. Leaders must be innovative, aspirational, and future thinking.  Living in the now means living in the past.

A spine surgeon leader today must recognize the neuroeconomics of choice and valuation: what we choose to provide to patients has many ramifications not only to the patient and his/her family, and employer, but also to the hospital and/or outpatient center, the insurance company, the leader’s reputation, the spine team’s prowess, public perception of spine surgery and the macroeconomics of healthcare.”

Thank you to Dr. Wohns for his leadership at Microsurgical Spine Center. To learn more about us and Dr. Wohns, contact us. Or call our dedicated Medical Concierge at 800-890-1964.